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Interview with Alain Visser CEO of Lynk &Co
Alain Visser, CEO of Geely-owned Lynk & Co, outlines his strategy and vision for launching in Europe. The model is disruptive to the core, using shared-ownership, experiential retail and limited vehicle choices to drive standout and value. But is the market ready as 2020 looms?l
Oct 14, 2019
Jim Murray Jones
Auto Trends
Why Suzuki is preparing for short term pain
Despite high profile marketing, a forthcoming alliance with Toyota and winning plaudits with customers and dealers alike, Suzuki UK are forecasting a sales dip. DriveTribe interviews their Director of Automobile, Dale Wyatt, to hear how the the brand is planning a hybrid future.
Oct 10, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson
Auto Trends
Honda turns down the volume ahead of electrification
Honda UK’s Head of Car, Phil Webb, signposts modest volume forecasts and a reduced dealer network as it focuses on selling profitably and building towards its electric future
Sep 25, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson
Auto Trends
Trucking marvellous!
Much of the technology that we've come to know and love in cars, began life in Trucks. Craig Cheetham explores the emerging TruckTech destined for the car market, while referencing a DriveTribe survey that revealed which former truck technology has had the greatest impact on the world of cars.
Sep 18, 2019
Craig Cheetham
Auto Trends
Why haters of the new Defender are missing the point
The new Defender is finally here – but has the internet got the wrong end of the stick?
Sep 12, 2019
Alex Robbins
Auto Trends
How VW is shrugging off Dieselgate with its new ID
Fours years after Dieselgate first came to public attention, VW is reinventing itself with a bold new electric strategy. A new logo will be revealed at next month's Frankfurt Motor show, and 70 new EVs are scheduled for release by 2028. Curtis Hutchinson reports on the transformation under way.
Aug 30, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson