Case Study

Our eight-month partnership with Shell was a truly global execution designed to support their promotion of Formula 1, while haloing their Helix Oil brand and positioning Shell as a forward-looking company. It delivered a significant body of video work, including involvement from a range of featured social media influencers

The Shell campaign brought three of DriveTribe’s key dimensions and strengths to the fore:

Firstly, it leveraged our association with a number of different social media influencers; since our inception DriveTribe has hosted a global range of influencers that use the platform to build reach and demonstrate their portfolio.

Secondly, it showed our ability to generate a global audience as well as tap-into different audience interests such as motorsports, future technologies and vehicle maintenance.

Thirdly, it showed our ability to execute high volume video work, backed by a strong underlying narrative and set of values.

The campaign revolved around six different multi-part video series, of which four are detailed below:

Race2TheRace was a five-part series that saw five pairs of influencers dropped in the outer regions of a given country, from which they had to race against each other to get to that weekend’s Grand Prix. Once at the race, they had to track down and find Shell-sponsored Ferrari driver Sebastien Vettel. The challenge: they had to do all of this using only their social media contacts, blagging lifts and calling on favours to make it first to the meeting point.

The series, which also benefited from the collective reach of the influencers, saw DriveTribes video production team head to five different GrandPrix destinations – Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Spa and the UK.

The second series, Feel for Real, aimed to capture the emotion and freedom attached to driving. It was a two-part film series, the first of which featured paralysed US war veteran Nelson Samsel, taken on a test circuit at an IndyCar track with racing drivers Hélio Castroneves and Simon Pagenaud. In an emotive finale, Nelson was presented with a specially adapted-car designed to afford the freedoms he had enjoyed before sustaining injuries.

The second part involved a surprise encounter for a Chinese influencer sent to Finland to face a series of driving tutorials. Unbeknownst to him, one of the training sessions involved an encounter with a particular hero of his – Formula One racing driver Kimi Raikonen

In the third series – Carfessions – we developed a take on carpool karaoke. Initially set up by Sebastien Vettel admitting to certain driving secrets, we then introduced a competition for DriveTribe users to post us their own personal car confessions. From over 200 applicants, four were selected to head to the Silverstone racetrack, where they each took part in a Carfessions interview with social media influencer Niki Shields in the passenger seat.

In a further video series - We Make the Future - we tapped into Shell’s video archive to bring a series of video and editorial articles in which we explored the implications for trends in mobility and transportation, including how future tehnologies will change urban life and driving environments.

In total well over 40 pieces of film were developed for Shell, including separate edits for use across DriveTribe social media channels. The work proved something of a labour of love for the our video team, who rose to the challenge of creating fresh ideas that drew on the respective brand objectives for Shell, while also building on the strengths of DriveTribe’s range of content and varied global communities.

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