K&N Filters

K&N Filters

Case Study

K&N, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive air filters and intake systems, agreed a twelve-month sponsorship and content programme across DriveTribe's Engineering vertical. The campaign objective: to inspire a new generation of car modifiers, enthusiasts and amateur mechanics.

K&N inspire a new generation of car enthusiasts to get under the hood

Fifty years since they pioneered the launch of the High Flow Air Filter, K&N saw the opportunity to use DriveTribe to reach targeted communities of like-minded enthusiasts sharing information and tips on vehicle modifying, tuning and maintenance.

Their sponsorship of DriveTribe's engineering vertical has brought them high impact visibility with brand advocates and purchase influencers, providing a contextually rich environment to tell the story behind their brand and products

Part way through the twelve month programme, DriveTribe are delivering a steady stream of original content from engineering experts like Jason Fenske and Michael Fernie, using a variety of content formats to engage users on multiple levels.

Long and short form articles, mixed with instructional videos, polls, quizzes and even a community question and answer session with K&N, have provided a rich and varied way to inform and entertain modifiers and enthusiasts alike.

DiveTribe Insight

The campaign has demonstrated DriveTribe's ability to tap into disparate and specialist audience segments, where engineering influencers and celebrities sit side by side with every day community members.

It has also allowed DriveTribe to engage audiences through multiple content formats, contextually positioning K&N in an environment that adds value and relevance to their market leading range of products.

For more information call DriveTribe or drop us a line:
UK +44 (0) 20 3872 2712
US +1 (650) 203-2445

Phil Swire, K&N’s Chief Marketing Officer
DriveTribe provides an environment where we can connect with a globally relevant audience of enthusiasts and bring to life the story behind our products and history. With more and more users getting advice from online instructional videos, DriveTribe provides a targeted distribution channel where our content can add value to surrounding posts, informing and inspiring new generations of enthusiasts to get involved with their vehicles, wherever they’re located in the world, whether bikers, car or truck owners.

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