Formula E

Formula E

Case Study

With Formula E now in its fifth season, DriveTribe was drafted in to amplify the emerging interest in the sport amongst existing Formula E communities, as well as convert fans of other franchises to explore the world of electric racing.

The Formula E campaign kicked-off during the pre-Season Build-up last December and runs until its conclusion in July 2019.

There are several content-driven facets to the campaign, overseen by DriveTribe's Motorsports Editor, Rob Burnett and managed within a dedicated Formula E community.

Weekly articles are up-weighted in frequency during race weekends and are supported by two of our ever-popular Quizzes, every month. Quizzes are usually broad in nature, incorporating other motorsports questions alongside Formula E, appealing to a wider groups of entrants.

Over the duration of the campaign we track the volume and proportion of answers to the Formula E quiz questions, building insights into whether the collective knowledge and awareness of the sport is increasing.

To assist in content generation, Formula E have provided access to their video library, enabling us to create special cuts including Top 10 moments - content that invariably performs well when extended to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As with most campaigns, the DriveTribe social and video teams make multiple edits of content to maximise effectiveness when used on other social channels. With each creative extension, we build our pool of Formula E converts and enthusiasts, using the data to create lookalike audiences to further target.

Additional engagement is driven through the use of polls, with the uptake and response used to further gauge the growth and penetration of Formula E fanbases.

During race practice and qualifying sessions, Formula E's video content is embedded onto DriveTribe, providing an environment in which fans can converse and debate. Additional editorial content is also commissioned from specialist F.E. sportswriters, such as Hazel Southwell, a recognised authority with access to the paddocks and teams.

As we shift towards the end of the season, our content narrative is taking a more contentious route, challenging community members to pick eventual winners which, at the point of writing, is open to some 10 different drivers.

On a more ad hoc basis, Rob's team have also tapped into collaborators involved in other areas of DriveTribe, to try and sweep up additional audiences and converts to the sport. One example includes Sim Racer Jimmy Broadbent, who more usually appears in our Gamer vertical and who we invited to race a Formula E Sim racing car around a virtual version of the old Monaco Grand Prix circuit.

DriveTribe Insight

A mixed range of content types including articles, videos, polls, quizzes and community debates are used to both engage visitors as well as track the growing awareness and knowledge of Formula E.

The clients supply of existing video content enables us to produce cost effective, high impact content, enabling us to bring content to market fast as well as re-purpose it for use on other social channels.

A persistent and regular cadence of content ensures audiences are kept engaged, moving across related articles to build a deeper involvement with the sport.

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