Ford Kuga


Case Study

Ford were looking for a genuinely entertaining, authentic and informative series of videos to build awareness and highlight the features of their Kuga SUV. We sent three of the DriveTribe team on a roadtrip to Scotland to demonstrate the vehicles' tech, its' cabin practicality and its' overall driving experience.

The brief was to make the car integral to the film in a way that proved native to DriveTribe; a piece of content that viewers would want to watch, without feeling like they were being sold to.

In casting the presenters we had three natural choices within the DriveTribe team, individuals who were already popular and respected by our community, experienced in front of the camera, with a natural sense of banter and comradery.

The three were set a series of challenges in the wilds of Scotland, heading to beauty spots that showed-off the Kuga's stylish looks while emphasising its high-seated all wheel drive capabilities. En route the trio "nerded-out" on the Kuga's tech, while exploring features like the panoramic roof, heated steering wheel, reversing camera and cross traffic alerts. Referencing the features was designed to seem a natural part of the discourse, as opposed to the more stilted and scripted delivery of a more traditional car review.

Given the content in the series of three videos, they were ideally suited to DriveTribe's Adventure vertical, a section that Ford sponsored over a 3-month period.

DriveTribe Insight

We developed multiple versions of the three main videos, adapting length and content to achieve the best results on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

A road trip provided the perfect setting to review the car and describe its features in a way that seemed both natural and authentic. With the cast set the challenge of a camping trip in the Scottish mountains, describing features like the heated steering wheel and hands-free tailgate seemed contextual and unforced.

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