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Agreed with CooperTires European Head office, DriveTribe were set the challenge to show the importance of tire selection in driving performance. Partnering with ex-F1 racing driver David Coultard, important brand values and product messages were demonstrated in both off-road and racetrack conditions.

Building positive brand associations through engaging story-telling is a task DriveTribe are well used to.

Video provides the perfect medium for experiential, high impact storytelling, especially when conveyed through a figurehead as authoritative and engaging as ex-Formula One racing driver, David Coulthard.

In a series of videos, Coulthard regaled audiences with insider tips and insights into tire performance, both on the race track and at CooperTires' off-road test circuit in Pearsall Texas.

Audiences were also invited to submit questions to Coulthard in a Q&A session hosted on the CooperTires stand at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. As well as answering questions on his F1 career, Coulthard mentioned his pride in seeing his name emblazoned on the side of Cooper Tires’ Ultra High Performance (UHP) range.

Commenting on his content series on DriveTribe, Coulthard said, “As an Ambassador for Cooper Tires it’s great to be able to write and film items of content that we can bring to a broad range of genuine enthusiast audiences, be they motorsports, engineering or indeed off-road driving. We can also use the platform to interact with audiences, answering questions on an individual basis.”

DriveTribe Insight

DriveTribe provided the perfect environment for CooperTires to authentically utilise and realise the value of their brand Ambassador David Coulthard, reaching legions of fans and potential brand advocates.

The Q&A session enabled CooperTires to build direct dialogue with audiences, contextually positioning its brand in a way that added value to the user experience.

DriveTribe was able to curate the video across disparate interest groups, landing relevant messaging to communities with specific interests in areas like offroad and driving performance.

Significant additional reach was achieved through targeted extension to lookalike audiences across DriveTribe's Facebook and other social media channels.

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Michiel Kramer, Marketing Director, Cooper Tire Europe
DriveTribe’s audience of enthusiasts and opinion formers provide an important target market, well positioned to appreciate the benefits of choosing the correct tyres for each specific need. Furthermore, as a social and community platform, it delivers an audience that can help amplify and extend the message to a wider generalist audience.

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