Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Case Study

Alfa Romeo recognised the opportunity to use the significant number of brand advocates on DriveTribe as a channel to amplify awareness and admiration for their Quadrifoglio brand. The campaign used a range of creative assets that could easily be shared across social media.

Alfa's performance brand Quadrifoglio have two incredible products - the Guilia and Stelvio - much lauded by enthusiasts and brand influencers. The award winning models operate in a tough competitive field dominated by big established mainly German rivals, such as AMG, M-series and RS.

Alfa's sought to demonstrate Quadrifoglio's authority and critical acclaim by sponsoring one of DriveTribe's most popular and exciting content verticals: Speed.

After analysing DriveTribe users' perceptions of Alfa through a series of user polls, we zeroed in on the key facets that make the brand so resonant with enthusiasts. These factors then became central pillars in a series of articles and social media posts across DriveTribe and related social media channels.

DriveTribe Instagram posts, facebook memes, quizzes, polls and longer form articles all played a role in championing the passion behind brand associations like design, performance, style and individuality. Brand values that help to create a more distinctive set of attributes relative to competitors.

DriveTribe Insights

The campaign demonstrated DriveTribe's ability to use audience research to identify key brand positioning opportunities that could be used in both pre-creative ideation, as well as post campaign performance analysis.

Our strength in multi-format creative once again came to the fore, as we targeted a bespoke range of social media formats at enthusiast audiences.

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