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DriveTribe Insights & News

Auto Trends
Trucking marvellous!
Much of the technology that we've come to know and love in cars, began life in Trucks. Craig Cheetham explores the emerging TruckTech destined for the car market, while referencing a DriveTribe survey that revealed which former truck technology has had the greatest impact on the world of cars.
September 18, 2019
Craig Cheetham
Auto Trends
Why haters of the new Defender are missing the point
The new Defender is finally here – but has the internet got the wrong end of the stick?
September 12, 2019
Alex Robbins
Auto Trends
How VW is shrugging off Dieselgate with its new ID
Fours years after Dieselgate first came to public attention, VW is reinventing itself with a bold new electric strategy. A new logo will be revealed at next month's Frankfurt Motor show, and 70 new EVs are scheduled for release by 2028. Curtis Hutchinson reports on the transformation under way.
August 30, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson
Auto Trends
Korea progression: the rise of SsangYong
SsangYong have had their fair share of critics in the past but their products are now winning plaudits. With a growing dealer network and 7-year free warranties, can the value-driven brand follow the successful path beaten by fellow Korean manufacturer Kia?
August 14, 2019
Jim Murray Jones
Auto Trends
The irresistible rise of car subscriptions
Manufacturers, hire firms, leasing companies and startups are jostling for a position in the fast growing Mobility as a Service sector. Are consumers ready to take part? And how do views differ globally?
August 13, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson
Auto Trends
Strange bedfellows
Jaguar and BMW, Ford and VW - both examples of industry alliances, as manufacturers prepare for the future. Unlikely bedfellows of a growing trend?
August 12, 2019
Curtis Hutchinson

Check out our work

Audi e-tron global launch
Our award-winning campaign for Audi positioned DriveTribe as a key marketing pillar in the pre-launch promotion for one of the most significant car debuts of the year: the Audi e-tron, a vehicle that represented the German car maker’s entry into the electric vehicle market.
Porsche Soulmates
Soulmates was a campaign designed to evoke that subtle connection between a driver and their car, a pride and passion that people only have with really special vehicles. It was heavily data-led, building insights that shaped a branded content campaign, enticing targeted audiences into a deeper conversion funnel.
Red Bull Air Race
A combination of content creation, community management, and DriveTribe’s vast distribution network were used to bring the excitement and thrill of the Red Bull Air Race to audience segment supporters of motorsports and high octane pursuits
Formula E
With Formula E now in its fifth season, DriveTribe was drafted in to amplify the emerging interest in the sport amongst existing Formula E communities, as well as convert fans of other franchises to explore the world of electric racing.

Our Services

01. Creative & Distribution

Every month 200m people read and watch DriveTribe content on our platform and across our social media handles. And, with some expert advice from our founders, we are very good at writing and producing engaging creative - like the video we did for Falken Tyres (press play above to check it out). Whether you're seeking broad or niche audiences, we can tailor the message and format for maximum impact.

02. Audience Insights

DriveTribe generates significant levels of engagement every month (we think the biggest in digital automotive) with millions of quiz answers, poll votes, garage entries, roasts and comments. Combined with killer creative like the Edd China video above - we are very good at extracting audience insights and lookalike customer segments that will help you build customer engagement strategies.

03. Digital Commerce

It turns out that if you have a very engaged audience around a particular passion point - automotive in our case - people are much more open to buying things. Amazon Game Studios, for example, used us to build anticipation prior to the launch of their new Grand Tour Game. We then refined creative and distribution tactics to build highly effective purchase funnels throughout the launch phase.

04. Big Ideas

Want a while-label website and app for motorsport fans, populated with posts from DriveTribers? How about a store front stocked with products from your customers or suppliers? Or what about a new global owners' club for fans of your brand?

Our platform, content and publishing processes provide a unique way for you to engage your customers and build communities of your own. Whether through DriveTribe, our social reach or on a bespoke white-label service. We would love to help you do it!

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We 😍 🚗 (love auto)

There is nothing quite like DriveTribe out there. We take the automotive market very seriously while generating massive engagement by having a little bit of fun.

We are a platform powered by independent writers alongside professional journalists, influencers and automotive stars. And, of course, we are advised each week by three of the most experienced creators in automotive, ever.

From events to industry roundtables, regular publications of data and insights we are an awesome team to get to know if your business is automotive. You can find out more about us by clicking below.


We're not just for petrolheads

Founded and guided by the same trio that set the standard for automotive lifestyle shows, we serve both niche and mass-market interests. We're a place that mirrors peoples' changing relationship with cars and transportation, where views on brands are formed and shared.

Twenty verticals, two Apps

Structured into twenty verticals we cover every aspect of automotive culture and lifestyle through a mobile-friendly web site and DriveTribe App. We also have a "some might say" racy sibling App, Joyride, targeted at a younger millennial and generation Z audience.

Social and engagement-driven publishing

DriveTribe is a digital-first company guided by social interaction. You're welcome to drive-by read and contribute. We're also here to empower amateur contributors, the journalists, designers, photographers, film-makers and influencers of tomorrow.


What can the DriveTribe Team do for you today?

We do not employ pushy salespeople, do telesales and are not generally annoying. Simply drop us a line, have a chat and if we can help you we would love to!

The DriveTribe Team can deliver you creative with social distribution and engagement, the best audience insights you can buy and do all that while boosting your digital commerce revenues.

And we love talking to people with Big Ideas. That said, if you need inspiration, we'd be happy to think big and get creative with you.

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